Our Greater Things Scriptural Funding Campaign (SFC) has officially begun!

The purpose of the campaign is to raise funds by developing more responsive stewardship disciples in the church.

This effort will require sacrifice from each of us, but in many different ways, which is why our theme is “Equal Sacrifice, Not Equal Gifts.”

We believe the Greater Things campaign will help us grow in our relationship with God as individuals and as a church family, and will impact our community with His love.

Under the direction of our Pastoral staff, a Campaign Cabinet has been developed and will be introduced this Sunday morning in both services. Below is the list of team directors and a description of what each team does. Much thought has gone into a selection of potential volunteers among our church, so you can expect to be asked personally by a team director to help. If there is a particular team in which you are interested, please feel free to reach out to the director.

We have been praying for you!


Campaign Directors – Roger & Karla Brewer – Organizational and encouraging leadership for the SFC

Rally Directors – Jodi Peabody & Rhonda Shaw – Enhances and energizes the group experiences

Support Services Directors – Brenda Adams, Carlene Bartlett, Barb Ek – Internal communications

Graphics Directors – Katie Betts & Connor Bulley – Design and produce all printed material

Publicity Directors – Tim & Hollie McAfee – Church media/community relations/ information booth/charts

Special Projects Directors – Andy & Darcy Tidd – Oversees several projects for vision and involvement

Ministry Directors – Wayne & Brenda Robertson – Organizes the VIP Experiences for every family

Prayer Vigil Directors – Roger & Laurie Byron – Organizes the Prayer Vigil and a follow up Prayer Hour

Stewardship Lesson Directors–Arthur & LaDericka Sewell–Oversees the teaching of the Stewardship Studies

Hospitality Directors–Doug & Lydia Dieckmann–Event registrations/organizes child care/Children’s Party

Celebration Event Director – Laurie Miller – Organizes the Celebration Event

Follow-Up Managers – Eddie & Desiree Rand – Leads follow-up process for 36 months